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Saturdays, these are my favorite days. I look forward to these days more than any other. Typically on a Saturday morning, I sleep in, get up and wander around the house for a bit trying to decide what I should do that would be a good use of time while at the same time accomplishing everything I need to do while still relaxing from a trying week. I debate as to whether I should clean, craft, or work on projects needing to be done around the house. Some Saturdays are productive, some not. It just depends on where my desires lead me.

Today was a semi-productive day. Yes, semi. I started off in the right direction but somewhere along the way, I allowed myself to get derailed. I slept in, which was much needed after the week I had. I just can’t seem to get it right during the week, no matter what I do or how much I try. That puts a lot of stress and strain on the mind, the body, the emotions. But alas, my favorite day came, the day that no one is expecting perfection. The day no one is demanding something. The day that is completely mine. I am very thankful for an understanding husband. He is ok that I use this day as mine. He is ok if I get derailed and decide not to do housework or projects needing to be completed. (Or at least he seems ok with it. lol) I have a list of things I want to do every weekend and sometimes things get marked off, sometimes not.

But back to today. I got up feeling like ‘today, I’m going to conquer the world’. I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher and ran it. Put groceries away that had been out since earlier in the week. I prepared breakfast for Bill to take to work tomorrow (Sunday). I did laundry (washed and dried. remember semi-productive). I fed the boys after taking them out. Took them out again after they ate. Tidied up around the house a bit. Then I decided to work on my class course work. I am currently signed up for an ASL level 2 course and I only have a certain amount of time to complete it in order to receive my certification. But this course is not like any others I’ve taken, it’s boring me out of my mind. It repeats information from previous course sections and the instructor in the videos assumes we can understand his signs and can pick it up quickly. He goes so fast I have to watch and re-watch. It’s doubly confusing because he’s mirrored to me so when he is showing signs, I have to be opposite of him in order to get the sign correct.

Enter my short attention span.  I did not complete today’s course.

Now I’m on Pinterest, looking at recipes to see what I want to do for Thanksgiving dinner this year. Looking at Christmas wreaths I want to try. Looking at Christmas card ideas to see what designs I want to use for my cards this year.

Now I’m on a site downloading images (royalty free) for my blog. Trying to decide what I may write about in the future so I can go ahead and download what I need because I am on a 7-day trial period. Once it’s up, it’s gone. But as I’m going through their pictures, I realize, most of what I’m looking for, I already have. Bill or I have already taken what I am looking for. Snow scenes, got ’em. Rainbows, got ’em. Pandas, got ’em. You get the picture (hahahahaha).

So what I’m doing now? Yep, going through all of my pictures finding the ones that will make great images for future blog topics.

So, there ya go, that is what semi-productive means. I started out of the gates at full speed, then started slowing until I finally end up on the couch, covered in Corgis, going through pictures, writing future articles in my head.

Now, it’s 5:30 and I’m writing. Bill will be home from work in a bit. He has breakfast for tomorrow and clean scrubs to wear, but no dinner for tonight and projects still unfinished.

I say to myself, there’s still tomorrow to get it done but who am I kidding? Sundays are not typically productive for me because I am mentally preparing for work the next day. However, this Sunday is different. I am OFF Monday! I took this week off since we only work 3 days and it gives me wind-down time. Alone time. Refresh time. Reload time. No, I will not be Black Friday shopping. No, I do not care to get out there with the rest of the craziness just to save a few dollars. I will wait for other holiday sales and maintain my sanity. This Monday Bill and I are taking the boys to Cades Cove in the Smokies and we’re doing another photo shoot with them. I seriously can’t wait. It is so peaceful and beautiful. Just to be away for the day, to have time for just us, I can’t wait. Plus, they are the cutest Corgis in the world so I want to show them off.

Welcome to my world. This is how my mind works on the daily. One topic, another topic, another topic, then back to where I started.


My days.

Tomorrow is going to be productive. I just know it. I’m going to get all laundry put away, I’ll have dinner ready for Bill when he gets home, I’ll have everything together for our Cades Cove trip Monday, I’ll work on my wedding scrapbook………. I’m already tired.

I hope you all have had a great Saturday and I hope you have a great Sunday. I will update you on my progress for tomorrow. I plan to have pictures to add of my scrapbook work because I’m going to work on it. I’m going to work on it.

The boys are looking at me as if to say they need another trip outside so I am going to sign off and take them out.