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Corgi Photo Shoot- Cades Cove, Gatlinburg, TN

Hello again!! I hope this finds everyone well. I just wanted to share a little bit about my day yesterday, including our trip to Cades Cove in Gatlinburg, TN to do another photo shoot of the boys.

I started the first day of my Thanksgiving vacation by getting up at 5:15 to meet a friend of mine at our gym facility at work for a tough upper body workout. (I am feeling it today!) Once we were finished being tortured (not really) I went back home to drink my protein shake, shower and get ready for a fun-filled day of photography and hanging with my very tolerant husband and Corgis.

The weather was great! It wasn’t too cold and the sky was beautiful. Lot of sunshine! The mountains as the backdrop couldn’t have been better. Photography is something I have always been interested in but my skills are questionable. I have been using our Corgis to give myself practice in order to try to perfect and hone in on the different ways to utilize everything our camera will do. I took the majority of the photographs using the Manual mode, including focus. I used Aperture and Shutter modes for the water pictures and the last few tree pictures.

I have included photos where I overexposed, underexposed, was out of focus or just didn’t capture the image well. And of course, I included some of my best shots. By keeping the bad ones as well as the good ones, I can use them to learn (tips from a friend of mine who does excellent photography).

The first couple were taken as we were starting the 11 mile loop, the only deer we saw the entire trip. Well, until we were on our way home. There were 5 standing on the side of the interstate about an hour from getting home. We joked about seeing more on the side of the road than in the Cove.

These next several pictures I call ‘find the Corgi’. When we took the boys down in the field. We didn’t take into consideration the height of the grass vs the height of the them. So they kind of blend in with their surroundings. Another lesson learned.

 This is why I say ‘find the Corgi’. Duffer is in there behind Divot

 See, there he is

 Divot trying to get through the grass

 One eared Corgi

 The funny colored bear approaches his prey……

 I wanted to focus on Duff and blur Divot

 When I went to reverse my focus, Duff decided to walk off

 Beautiful mountains in the back

 My other one eared Corgi. He listens only half of the time

 Bill getting them to follow him in to the shorter grass

 The next several are action shots as they run towards me causing me to have to adjust focus on their approach. This gives me the opportunity to work with action shots

 Divot wasn’t up for action shots. He was tired and decided to walk back

 And we’re done, take me to the truck

 So we went back to the truck and continued on our way around the loop

 We spotted one other animal (other than the 2 deer) on our journey

 There was debate as to whether it was a coyote or fox

 Just a lone dead pine we found interesting

Next, we got to a flat spot almost at the end of the loop where the grass had been mowed down. You could actually see the boys as they wandered around.

 My favorite shot of Divot. His little tongue looks so funny

 And then Duffer showing his tongue

 Preparing for more ‘action’ shots

 Divot still not having the ‘action’

 He literally fell over

 But quickly recovered


 Almost washed Divot out. Too much exposure


 Not so better

 Wait, why is mommy lying on the ground? Let’s check it out

 What’s daddy doing?

 Mommy, I’m coming! Don’t leave me!

 Up close and personal

 More mountain shots

 I was intrigued by this one dead bloom

 It’s the little things that catch my eye

Once we left Cades Cove and was driving out, there was a brook following along on the side. I couldn’t resist getting Bill to stop so we could do the tougher shots. Flowing water.

 This, my friends, is overexposed

 Out of focus


 Bill brought the boys down so they wouldn’t be left alone in the truck

 On the next few, I purposefully blurred the boys to focus on the water

 I accomplished what I was trying to do but it made my photo turn out odd

 Here, all’s well

 I don’t remember what Duffer did to warrant these looks from Divot and me

 Again, not sure what he did

 But now, we’re back to normal

 OUCH! Can we say underexposed? Sorry, Bill.

 Getting a little lighter

 Focusing on my foreground

We walked back up to the truck and I decided to do some testing on my settings.

 Way out of focus


 Still overexposed to me

 I feel the focus is there on this one and not as overexposed

 I like this one

Well, our annual Cades Cove trip is over and it’s time to go home. The boys are in the back seat ‘out like a light’. Both are well exercised and snoring loudly. Bill and I stopped for a quick bite at Sonic so we could sit in the truck with them but still eat and then head on down the road.

All in all, it was a great day!

We got home, fed the boys, turned on some Burn Notice and settled in for the night.

Thank you for taking the time to check out the pictures. I hope you enjoyed looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

I will continue to practice and learn and as I do, I will continue to share with you.

I hope you have a great week!












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  1. I love these!!!! Great photos! ❤❤❤

    1. Thank you! I will be posting again this weekend. Make sure to visit me, again.

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